AI Hotel Chatbot

Artificial Inteligence is now present almost in every aspect in today’s reality. It helps us to increase our productivity in reducing some of our daily tasks by taking control over it. AVSN d.o.o. is official reseller for Company Quicktext, specilized in utilization of AI in Hospitality industry. Chatbot named Velma AI is possible to integrate inside hotel’s website, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp as weel as with Atlantis TV portal and Web App.

Velma AI #VelmaWorks  already speaks 35 languages and is 100% GDPR compatible thanks to collecting data from internal database not like well known ChatGPT that generate text using data from wide web.

This solution can relive the hotel staff for answering the majority of recived questions, otherwise it rederect to the hotel’s helpdesk.

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