Examples of Distribution

  • IPTV r2
  • hibrid rf +ip r2
  • wall plate r2
  • gpon r2
TVDataPhone distribution is illustrated with different schemes showing 4 examples of installation that includes Interactive TV, Wi-Fi Access, Telephony and Digital Signage
  • IPTV – Basic solution with installed UTP network¬† is suitable for hotels from 10 – 100 rooms, where high Wi-Fi speed is not a priority, but the investment cost is. TV signal is distributed as IPTV multicast. Interactive TV Atlantis is possible in any of displayed cases.
  • Hybrid Coax + IP installation is a better option than IPTV in terms of higer reliability because TV signal is distributed over separate coaxial network and can avoid some unexpected problems regarding IP network. In this case is easy to implement all kinds of TV signal sources from DVB-C (digital cable), DVB-T, IPTV,…
  • Hybrid + IP network with Wall Plate Access Points. In case of demand for High Speed internet Access this is one of the best options, installing a small Access device in every room for best Wi-Fi experience. Wall plate splits one UTP cable up to 4 IP ports (iTV, Data, IP Phone..)
  • GPON or Fiber-to-the-Room. Suitable for Hotels with over 100 rooms with a demand for high speed internet access. Ideal for new buildings or reconstructions (lower Capex and Opex <80%). All telecommunication services over a single fiber to a single room! Significant saves in terms of space for cabling and with lower energy consumption!