Self Check-In

Having a Self Check-in Kioisk inside a Tourist facility makes arrivals and departures of your guests a lot easier not only for your clients but can serve as an alternative of having the presence of a Receptionist 24/7!

Self Chek-In Kiosk by Company Sezam24 can do the job perfectly and speaks 42 languages already!

Sezam24 makes welcoming customers pleasant and warm thank to an intuitive Interface.

It can trace Booking numbers from all major internet platforms such as: Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, HRS and many others.

The Kiosk can be suplemented and with a POS terminal for easier and more efficent receipt of payments.

It’s Scanner can recognize different types of documents and uses this information to complete the registration form.


To use Sezam 24, the following three components are required:


  1. Property Management System (PMS)
  2. Sezam24 Kiosk
  3. Hotel Locks using RFID